Millau to Villefort

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This dog was just hanging out. Looked like his everyday spot.
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We were lucky enough to be in town for a local market that seemed to involve the whole town.
As we started making our way to the top of the Gorge I started hearing a crunching sound coming from my rear hub. We tried to press on but the crunching quickly turned into a squealing.  Uh oh, u-turn.
Yup.. That’ll do it. Exploded bearing.
For a while we were thinking our cycling days were over.
Thankfully the local bike shop was helpful with a replacement wheel.
And the handymen at our campsite.
We decided to stay another night in Millau and give it another go in the morning.
The kebab tour continues.
We were off to a good start until the 100km ‘fun’ run came our way.
wilderness picnic
Ten speed couriers. Rubbish and all
So you can see just how big these cliffs are. Seems like they are a popular climbing spot.
The valleys were littered with the most amazing houses.
One of the only snakes we saw while on tour.
Beautiful camping. Two stars was a winner .
Waking up after a rainy night the mist burnt off as we rode into the town of Meyrueis.
Where they were having a festival. Food music and coffee were abundant.
And meat… More meat.
And flying kids.
A timely reminder to be careful while descending. The spot where Roger Rivière ended his career.
Soggy Indi
Cabin porn
Stinky cheese sandwich. Was so powerful I had to take the cheese out and hide it in my napkin.
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Lake Villefort.


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