Roses to France

We made an early start from a town called Roses with a rough plan to ride alongside the coast to Cadaqués for the morning, then make our way to France and back into the mountains during the afternoon.
Ummm… so what we did not know was that only about 1km of the coastal road was paved. The remainder varied from only just rideable to incredibly rocky, single track hiking trails and by the time we made it to Cadaqués we were pretty exhausted and the plan of making it to France was out the window.
We then slowly made a route back to the campsite from the previous night and enjoyed another beautiful sunset on the beach.
Day one:
A look back at Roses.l
Crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.
Giving up. Really do need stands.
Enjoying sealed road action back to Roses.
Day two:
Another early start but this time our aim was to get straight to France. We stayed in the countryside for as long as possible riding between small towns before we hit the main motorway towards the boarder.
More info with maps and perhaps helpful info coming sooooooooooooooooooooon.
Starting again.
Maybe these guys know where the kebab shop is…
This will do, I 'spose.
Defs made it to France


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