From the mountains to the sea

We headed out towards the Mediterranean to find a place called Roses.

Day one: Oix to Banyoles.

After a few coffees and saying goodbye to the cats we set off soon to find out it was a Saturday and their was loads of traffic on the roads.

Our last little bit of of the forest.

Needed inner tubes desperately… Unfortunately it was siesta time. Nice sign though.
Eat. Drink. Ride. Eat. Eat. Ride. Eat. Drink. Eat. Ride. Repeat.
Camping in Banyoles where the 1992 Olympic rowing took place.
It was one of those days when the destination was the highlight.
Day Two: Banyoles to Roses
Got up early and went for a ride around the Lake…
Campgrounds in Spain have no toilet seats.
And only one roll of paper for about twenty toilets. Needless to say it was empty.
Sneaky Kebab.
First sight of the coast.
creepy mini golf
Camping Ampurdanés is where it's at. stayed two nights here.
Unbelievable sunsets.


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