Tschüss Berlin

After four weeks in Berlin and copious Kebabs it was time to hit the road again. But where? The plan was to head towards Sweden but the weather was changing fast and we wanted to squeeze in some more sunshine. Destination: Barcelona!

Here are a few snaps of our time in Berlin


Urs Fischer, what if the phone rings, 2003. Wax, wick, pigment.

Joel Rickerby <3
Feels like home.
Where are the eggs?
Telephone box/baby change table.
Go Cap!
Louise gives a few courier tips
Family portrait
Rolling down Hitler's runway.
Two great bike shops!
Moby Dick
Kebabs taking their toll.
Coffee drink.. More please.
Still pedalling
Breaking in nicely.
Rainy day vegan 'nana bread baking with gorgeous Lou
A lot of hype.
Love this guy.
12 hour shifts..hungry hungry hungry.
If you go to Berlin, find these guys. The best!
Bit of Gilbert & George. Awesome.
You are supposed to loose items when touring… Some how we added more.


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