Paris to Lausanne Day Two

Day two of the ride took us from Venarey-les-Laumes to Malpas Island in Besancon. This ride was about 180km's and much of it was along the Veloroute 6. Beautiful car free paths that follow canals and rivers through France and much of Europe.
Cabin porn
Rolling turns amongst the rolling hills.
Krus takes a pee. I take a photo

Beautiful roads all to ourselves.

Just cruisin'

Sharing the bitumen with this little guy

Canal cruising.

Crème de la crème of ciders.

Canal picnic.

French youth providing picnic entertainment.

No time to stop. 180kms we have happy hour on the go.

More canal bliss.

Our favourite touring mate.


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  1. Alex Morrison says:

    hey chris, photos are great! you look a little more prepared than we were from Sydney to Melbourne!

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