Our Bags And What’s In Them

After rather extensive research and a lot of banging our heads against the wall we complied these items for our trip and attempted to distribute them accordingly through our bags.

The idea was to try and travel fairly light yet not give up basic comforts(and some not so basic ones)


With the help of our local Ortlieb distributor I settled on a full waterproof pannier set up.

Outlieb med ultimate plus handlebar bag 6


:Contax T2 film camera

: Briko Stinger sunglasses x2

: Passport

: kindle Paperwhite

: IPod Nano

: Duel personal GPS unit

: Maglight torch (ended up swapping this for a led headlamp)

: Boombotix speaker (Looks a lot like a baby monitor doesn’t it?)

: Stubbie holder

: Ear plugs to stop pressure build up on plane

Sport packer plus front left pannier


:Mont bell UltraLight Super Spiral down higher #5

: ThermaRest NeoAir x light Sleeping mat

: Hellieberg Anjan 3 person tent (using a Ortlieb Stuff sack)

: Sea to Sumit silk sleeping bag liner

: Klymit Cush inflatable pillow

: Kodak Portra 400 film x10

: Assorted charging cables

Sport packer plus front right pannier


: Outlier 3 way shorts

: Outlier Ultra light summer pants

: Assorted cotton T shirts x3

: Icebreaker GT sports top(this can be worn overtop of Tshirts or as a thermal)

: Nike free run shoes(Light and breathable, although you run the risk of looking like a twat)

: Giro privateers(I wasn’t sure which cycling shoes to take as I have been using a carbon soled shoe for work recently but decided to go with something that was going to be a bit kinder for walking)

: Assorted hats both cycling and and non cycling. Sme of these will be traded or given away at the champs

: Sportful total comfort bibs.

: MDMA cycling jacket

: Thin Emerica button up

: Outlier superfine merino Tshirt

: IceBreaker Merino socks x5 (a few pairs were in the wash at time of photo)

: MacPac Merino 150 boxer shorts x4

Missing from picture : Cable lock, D lock.

Small Ortlieb Pouch Left


: Spare inner tubes x4 (these are for both Indi and I)

: Leznye pump(we swapped this for a slightly lager one with the pressure release)

: Allen keys for pedals and rack

: Tire levers

: KoolStop spare brake pads

: Punture repair kit

: Assorted length zip ties

: T9 chain lube

: Park tool multi tool

: Electrical tape

: Assorted spare bike parts

Small Ortlieb Pouch Right


: Zinc sunblock

: Chammie cream

: PAC towel

: Toothbrush and paste

: Pop out cups

Missing from picture : Eating utensils, scissors, hairbrush, soap

Ortlieb med Roll top Bag


This bag is just going to be attached to the top of the rear rack and will be mostly empty as It also doubles as a single shoulder backpack.

: MacPac eVent fabric waterproof jacket.


All Packed Up



Indigo opted for rear panniers and a handlebar bag from a small Austin company called Swift Industries

Rear short stop pannier left


: Hellieberg tent poles and pegs

: ThermaRest NeoAir x light sleeping mat

: 3 season sleeping bag

: Sea to Sumit silk sleeping bag liner

: Assorted toiletries

: Ground effect Tardis bike bag(we will probably try send these ahead as they weigh a fair bit)

Missing from picture :

Rear short stop pannier Right


: Giro shoes

: Nike FreeRuns (My god! We have turned into one of those terrible couples that dress the same!)

Ozette small handle bar bag


: GoPro hero 3 Black edition with accessories

: Passport

: Kindle PaperWhite

: Yashica T4 film camera with spare rolls of films

: Canon power shot s110 digital camera

: Patagonia stow away back pack

: Headphones

: Krypto D lock

Missing from picture :

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  1. Caff says:

    Klymit Cush pillow. I have been searching for something like that for a while! I have tried many a camping pillow, plus configurations of clothes and still get a stuffed neck.

    Hope all is going well!

    • KrusIndi says:

      Hey, yeah it seems to be ok so far. Doesn’t come with a sack to put it in and you need some elastic to set it up the way you want. Simon seemed to think it was ok if you look at the Paris pictures.

  2. Jen says:

    Time for an update you two. Where are you? What are you doing? Xx Jen and the Fouhy gang

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