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Millau to Villefort

  This dog was just hanging out. Looked like his everyday spot.   We were lucky enough to be in town for a local market that ...


Back in the (French) Pyrenees

We left Amélie Les Bains Palada and went straight into a climb on D618 towards Saint Marsel. This region is ridiculously beautiful, ...


Roses to France

We made an early start from a town called Roses with a rough plan to ride alongside the coast to Cadaqués for the morning, then make ...


From the mountains to the sea

We headed out towards the Mediterranean to find a place called Roses. Day one: Oix to Banyoles. After a few coffees and saying goodbye to the cats we set off soon to find out it was a Saturday and their was loads of traffic on the roads. Our last little bit of of the forest. Needed inner tubes ...


Camprodon to Oix

More than rested but still a little reluctant to leave Camprodon we headed towards Oix. More info coming soon... Quattro cafe solo.. For dos Just ckeckin' out some ruins Off roading Not really sure but this looked like a house? Built in to the side of the cliff Hopefully ...


Rest day

Took an unplanned, sneaky rest day in the small town of Camprodon in the North of Spain. This small town is unbelievably beautiful which made it difficult for us to leave and so we decided to spend the day exploring, sampling local treats, reading, drawing, updating this blog etc. la di da da... We ...


Planoles to Camprodon, España

Planoles to camprodon in Northern Spain was one of our most memorable days so far. We made an early start with quattro solo cafés to aid us into a five kilometre ascent of pushing our bikes up some incredibly rocky terrain (probably should have listened to the local farmer telling us to turn back)... ...